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I am a photographer and writer passionate about the outdoors, meaningful travel, and living deliberately. I hope to use my platform online to show the beauty and complexity of the world we live in, and to encourage genuine connection to the outdoors, culture, people and wildlife.

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Come experience Greece with me on a unique adventure through the islands!

It’s not just about Greece itself, but I run this trip here for a reason–– it’s one of my favorite countries in the world! The food, the culture, and of course the islands, are incredible and unlike anywhere else. The EO Greece Adventure is focused on culture and adventure, where you are invited to step outside of your comfort zone, travel adventurously, and make friends in a small and intentional group. This is Greece, adventurously and deliberately. It’s a group trip for people who never thought they’d go on a group trip.

Now in its fourth year, this trip attracts people from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in personal growth, culture and adventure. We do a lot of hiking and we certainly stay busy, but the trip is also a space to come as you are, set personal intentions, and leave with more energy and clarity.

“If you love hikes, good food, family style dining (which is an experience), amazing sunsets, deep questions and discussions that cut through the surface level stuff, and being around a group of people that love all those things then this will be one of the most memorable weeks of your life. Seriously.” -Patrick



TRIP COST: $2,950

Scroll down to apply!


• Hotel accommodation, based on double occupancy (please inquire for single occupancy surcharge)
• Hotel taxes and service charges
• All ground & sea transportation during the trip
• All meals
• All activities
• Ferry tickets
• Entrance fees to the Acropolis archaeological site and the Acropolis museum
• Entrance fees to the Akrotiri archaeological site
• Specialist guides for the archaeological sites of Acropolis and Akrotiri and for the Acropolis museum


• Airfare to and from the trip. Plan to arrive in Athens and depart from Santorini.
• Travel insurance (required)
• Transfer to and from the airport or port at the beginning & end of the trip
• Gratuities for trip leaders, local guides or drivers. Please plan to bring some extra cash to tip guides.
• Alcoholic beverages
• Visas if needed
• Snacks – bring from home or purchase once in Greece
• Any personal items or souvenirs

“My biggest takeaway is knowing that I can do stuff like this… whether it’s a physical challenge, or traveling with a group of strangers that would become friends… I’m SO glad Erin pushed me to take a chance.” -Christine


Day 1: Arrival and welcome dinner | Often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization, Athens has been continually occupied by people for the last 7,000 years. You pretty much can’t move without bumping into an ancient ruin or building. On the first day of the trip, you’ll make your way to our hotel. In the afternoon, we’ll go for a walk around Plaka, the oldest neighborhood of Athens, and have our first dinner together in a traditional restaurant. Of course, Greek cuisine will play a starring role on our trip!

Day 2: Acropolis & ferry to Naxos | No matter how many images you have seen, nothing can prepare you for seeing the Acropolis in person. Alongside our private guide, we’ll explore the archeological site as well as the fascinating and award-winning museum. In the afternoon, we’ll get on a ferry to get our first taste of the Greek islands: Naxos. On the ferry, the group will get to know each other a bit better through guided discussions and one-on-one sessions with me. Naxos will finally greet us with a view of a marble gateway: all that remains of an ancient temple to Apollo. This is just the beginning of our adventure here.

Day 3: Hike | Our first hike in Greece takes us through various archeological digs, olive groves, and whitewashed villages. Seeing the island on foot gives us a unique perspective, and we are rewarded with a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, we will set off to explore the old town of Naxos which is regarded to be one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades, particularly popular for its fine architecture that is composed of Venetian and Cycladic elements. After dinner, we sit down for an activity that has us all focusing on our personal intentions for this trip and our lives at home.

Day 4: Hike Mount Zeus | The island is home to the highest mountain in the Cyclades: Mount Zeus. The mountain and the hike to the top of it is the most epic one in the region. Mount Zeus has important historical significance because in ancient times, the local Greeks believed that the cave on the northwest side of the mountain was the birthplace of Zeus. When climbing it, you’ll get the distinct feeling that Greek mythology is actually rooted in reality. After the hike, we will go for lunch in one of the most beautiful villages of the island, Apiranthos, which seems to grow right out of the mountains. In the afternoon, we’ll take a swim in the gorgeous sandy beach in front of our hotel. Swimming in the Aegean sea after a hike is the perfect refresher!

Day 5: On to Santorini | Naxos has been good to us, but today we head onward to Santorini. Our morning ferry is the perfect time to reflect on the first half of the trip. Once we arrive on Santorini, we drop off our bags and head for one of the best views of our whole trip, found along a hike from Fira to Oia. With breathtaking views and stunning vistas at every turn along Thira’s dramatic landscape, the trail is guaranteed to be one of the prettiest you have ever hiked. After dinner and ice cream in town, we head back to our hotel for our evening discussion.

Day 6: Akrotiri and sea kayaking | In the morning we will head to Akrotiri, Santorini’s principal archaeological wonder: a town preserved under layers of lava. After learning a bit about the history of the island, we’ll get in the water on sea kayaks for a unique view of Santorini’s cliffs and beaches. In the afternoon we will have time to stroll in Fira town before our farewell dinner at one of our most favorite restaurants yet.

Day 7: Departures | After a morning swim or stroll, we’ll start our individual journeys onward after sharing the past week with each other. Of course… we’ll all keep in touch. Hopefully, this is just the first adventure of many!

“You will be stretched more that you imagine. You will experience community in a new way and walk away family.” -William



Erin Sullivan is an adventure guide turned blogger and photographer. After spending her early 20’s as a wilderness and adventure travel guide worldwide, Erin turned her experiences into a blog with the goal of helping people to find adventure in their own lives. Erin connects with thousands of people online every day through her writing and photography, centered around travel, the outdoors, and living with purpose. Erin has 10 years of experience leading and facilitating adventure programming worldwide, and is thrilled to invite you on a journey of exploration, growth, and self-discovery.


Having already been to more than forty countries with his backpack, traveling is a way of life for Dimitris, and although he studied to be an engineer, he decided that sharing his passion with others is much more vital. Interacting with people has always been his inspiration. He loves the outdoors, especially rock climbing and hiking, and when he is not guiding, he is probably off somewhere on his bike. Dimitris has over 12 years of guiding experience, leading trips for the largest companies in the world including National Geographic and REI. Dimitris was honored with the REI Top Guide Award in 2013 for his unique and adventurous guiding style. Establishing his own adventure travel company TripIn Adventures was simply the next step, because showing people Greece off the beaten track, is after all, his dream job.

“Erin and Dimitris are the absolute best. They will make you feel so comfortable about everything. It sounds kind of scary to just be going on a trip with some girl from Instagram, but trust me, it’s the best. Erin is exactly how you would expect her to be, just a little taller 😉 If you go, expect an experience unlike any other. Expect to not be able to accurately describe what happened between you and your new family, and expect to be more blown away by the views.” -Ari


Sound like this trip is for you? Fill out the application below and we will reach out to you shortly.

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How do I know if this trip is for me?
You were drawn to this trip page for a reason. Maybe you just stumbled upon it. Maybe you heard me talk about it on Instagram. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it since last year! Whatever the reason, I don’t think you get this far into the nitty-gritty details of a trip if you’re not serious about it. This trip is for you if you are curious about adventure travel. This trip is for you if you hear life calling you to do something a little outside your comfort zone. This trip is for you if you are ready to make new friends in a beautiful place and be really, truly seen. We can’t wait to meet you.

Wait, so is this a photography workshop or not?
Bring your camera for sure–– there are amazing opportunities for photography on this trip! But this is not a formal photography workshop. I talk a bit about photography and social media, but that isn’t the sole focus on this trip. Our main focus is on small group adventure and personal growth on this trip. Of course, if you have photography questions or want feedback on your work, you can always let me know when we’re on the trip!

Can I bring a friend?
We highly recommend that you come alone! If you and a friend are interested in sharing this experience, please talk together about how you plan to get to know everyone on the trip just as well as you already know each other.

What is the age group?
All are welcome, but most people who come are in their 20’s and 30’s. We seek a diverse range of participants with varying backgrounds and lifestyles.

What is the accommodation like?
All accommodation and pricing is based on double occupancy in mid-range hotels. Hotels on this trip are generally family owned and located a bit outside of the hustle-bustle. If you would like to have your own room for an additional cost, please let us know at the time of booking.

What’s the food like?
Real Greek food is amazing! We eat all of our meals family style. If you have a dietary restriction or allergy, do let us know. If you have flexibility in your diet, this is the week you’ll want to be flexible as Greek food is a lot of meat, salad, fresh cheese, veggies and overall everything is fresh and delicious. Vegetarians– we can accommodate you.

What are the hikes like?
Hikes are moderately challenging on mountainous terrain, ranging from 4-8 miles in a day, some with significant elevation gain. If you do not hike regularly at home, we recommend training for this trip by doing some kind of cardiovascular activity a few days a week at a minimum. Hiking a few days a week to prepare for the trip is recommended. Participants with injuries or other health concerns should consult their doctor.

I am nervous to come alone!
This trip is built for a solo traveler. We hope you will join us!

“I loved seeing everyone’s personalities come together to create so many beautiful moments. I was reminded that people have a much greater potential of connecting when we ask each other meaningful questions and keep an open mind. Some other takeaways… Take risks! Even when it’s scary and the path ahead is uncertain. Continue staying open to everyone’s beliefs, views and ideas because there is always something we can learn from one another.” -Elena


A non-refundable $1,000 deposit is due at the time of registration. We can sometimes hold spots for a few days after you’ve been sent an offer, but the deposit is the only thing that officially secures your spot! Full trip cost is due 60 days before the trip start date. Cancellation timeline is as follows:

  • Cancel more than 60 days before the start of the trip: full refund except $1,000 deposit
  • Cancel less than 60 days before the start of the trip: no refund unless we can fill your spot, then full refund except $1,000 deposit

If you need to cancel but would like to come on a different trip in the same calendar year, we are happy to apply your deposit to another trip.


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See you out there!

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