Fabric was one of the first materials that came to mind when I first thought about creating big nature scenes in miniature. So… it feels very fitting to have created this series of antarctic wonderland scenes for Polartec.

These scenes were inspired by childhood wonder, and the expansiveness of wintry landscapes. We follow a curious young penguin out on an adventure to see what she might encounter in her world. I studied how each fabric responded to light, how the colors changed and looked in camera, and how the textures contributed to the look and feel of each setup.

For me, so much of working in miniature is about a return to childhood, about unlocking this type of play that we disqualify ourselves from as adults. Of course photography is my job, and so yes, this is work for me too. But introducing such an undoubtedly playful element to my process has been a timely reminder not to take things too seriously, and to make room for wonder.

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