These scenes were created to help launch Sonic’s new OREO Big Scoop Cookie Dough Blast & Sundae. We went hiking among cookie dough boulders and kayaking on the chocolate river rapids, next to Big Scoop Mountain. As you might imagine, it was easy for me to think of activities I’d want to do within this world. These are just two of the ones we settled on!

Each Scene was created with ice cream, cookie dough bites, OREO cookie pieces, and a big scoop of OREO chocolate chip cookie dough (+ chocolate fudge on the Sundae). As my miniature adventures have expanded, I’ve ventured more and more into the food photography world. Shooting ice cream, and other things that melt, requires lots of preparation and planning! I wanted these scenes to look both exciting AND delicious. Hopefully we succeeded with that.

Sonic also added an inspirational twist, finishing off these images with a ✨motivational quote✨.

Behind the scenes

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