Vinyl Moon

This was a fun one! Vinyl Moon is a deluxe vinyl club creating monthly records and artist collaborations. To make the record jacket, I first listened to the mixtape and let my imagination go on a ride. The songs made me feel like I was on a dreamy summer backpacking trip, like I could see my shadow in the moonlight along some rolling green hills. I decided to create the scenes with watermelon, and in the collaborative process, we decided on doing a “day” and a “night” scene.

The record jacket is a triple gatefold so that the viewer can enter into this adventure, too. Images are printed on silver foil paper stock which creates a dreamy feel. We did two different versions of the vinyl - pictured here is the split translucent blue/opaque light blue with light blue splatter. The other is a translucent vinyl with magenta splatter.

What I most appreciated about this project was the invitation to create something truly cohesive. I personally adore art that really allows you to experience it, and it was beautiful to create that for their subscribers & listeners.


I'd love to hear about your idea, and see if I can help bring it to life.


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