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Canva is a super easy, free program for creating social media graphics, presentations, pitch decks, and more. This guide teaches you all the basics.

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24-page digital guide to Canva covering all the basics, to give you a foundation for how to use this tool in your business

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I never expected to say this, but Canva has become a true staple in my business for everything from social media graphics, to pitch decks, and beyond. For years, I had associated it with cheesy designs and templates, and assumed it couldn't be used to create elevated graphics. I was wrong!

In this guide, my assistant Aly walks you through how to create your own graphics and presentations, plus shows how to edit our own templates.

Canva surprised me...

some of what's inside

An overview of the Canva homepage
How to choose and work from a template
How to create a new graphic or presentation

How to apply effects to text and images
How to use Canva's photo frames
How to upload your own images
An example graphic created by Aly from start to finish


This guide does NOT:

Learn Canva for easy edits.

Get into advanced techniques 
Discuss design principles or give graphic design tips

Teach you the basics for creating beautiful graphics, presentations, and decks in Canva
Give visual examples and screenshots along the way
Highlight the various design elements available to use in Canva




This guide DOES:

Think of our guide as base camp – step one for designing gorgeous graphics for your business in Canva.



WARNING! reading this guide may result in:

You might find a new program to create your business assets. Adobe, if you see this, no you didn't.

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...quickly, with ease.

creating awesome graphics

Creating and experimenting can give you new ideas and momentum to keep going.

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