Guide to Negotiation for Creatives

Are you a creative who knows what to charge, but feel unsure and insecure when negotiating with clients? This guide was built for you.

negotiate better, make more


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65-page digital guide full of helpful strategies, tips, and affirmations created by Erin
Printable prep and notes sheets for collecting important details from your clients during a call

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NOTE: If you need help with Pricing, check out the Guide to Pricing for Photographers or the Bundle. This guide covers negotiation, NOT pricing.

So you've already done the work to price out your offerings, and you know what you want your rates to be. Even so, feeling stuck in a negotiation is a common struggle for many freelance creatives.

This guide to negotiation includes my tried and true techniques for landing at your best case scenario with clients. I want to help you arrive at the most aligned, abundant, WIN-WIN contracts.

How good would it feel to know *exactly* how to reply to your next inquiry?

some of what's inside

Affirmations for the most common blocks around negotiation
How to ask how much money a client has to spend
My #1 piece of negotiation advice
How to educate your client

Actual emails I have sent to clients
Negotiation scenarios I've learned from
List of questions to have on-hand during negotiations
Clarifying phrases and questions to use every time
Journal prompts along the way


This guide does NOT:

It can feel scary to put your rates out there. Let me help.

Help you with how to price your work, or teach you what to charge. If that is something you need, read my Guide to Pricing for Photographers first.

Give you techniques you can implement in your business immediately
Teach you effective communication tools for negotiation
Provide phrases to use and questions to ask your clients
Show real-life examples of using negotiation practices



This guide DOES:

Growing confidence in negotiation is something that happens with time and experience. I've put everything I know on this topic into this guide to give you a solid head start.

WARNING! reading this guide may result in:

Who knows, you might even have ~fun~ in your negotiations!

less phone call anxiety

Stop saying yes to low rates just because you feel pressure to.

feeling valued

Grow your revenue simply because you know how to advocate for yourself.

making more money

“This guide changed my perspective on negotiating, how I see myself, and my worth."

- silver feldman

Negotiation doesn't come easily for me. In fact, it's rather intimidating. After reading this, I implemented what I learned with a new client. It was the best negotiating experience I've ever had! We both won.

Erin's Guide to Negotiation has equipped me to negotiate more effectively, understand my internal blockers, and improve my relationships with my clients. This resource isn't simply a tool, it's a complete toolbox filled with tools that empower you to negotiate with confidence, kindness, and clarity.