Guide to Pricing for Photographers

No idea what to charge? This 62-page digital guide was built to help you grow your confidence in pricing your work and communicating your rates.

price with confidence


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Digital guide full of helpful tools, strategies, tips, and formulas created by Erin
Spreadsheet template for you to calculate your own project rates (both Excel & Google Sheets formats included)
Customizable photography job estimate template (both Excel & Google Sheets formats included)

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Not knowing what to charge can be a huge hurdle for creatives. It can feel like there is SO much secrecy around pricing.

This guide for photographers includes everything I know about pricing, from potential income streams, to calculating your day rate, to sending commercial estimates. It gives you the background information, tools, common practices, and prompts to move forward with confidence in pricing your work.

Make it easy for your clients to say YES.

some of what's inside

Personal examples
List of potential income streams for photographers
How to calculate your day rate
How to price prints, social media posts, and your time
Common licensing terms and what they mean

When & how to find a rep
How to calculate your desired salary
Factors that go into pricing a photography project
Journal prompts along the way to help you reflect and apply your new skills to your business


This guide does NOT:

How to price your photography doesn't have to be a mystery.

Give you exact numbers for what to charge
Give you a shortcut to success
Absorb into your brain by osmosis alone - it requires your participation :)

Go over important context for creating your rates
Help you assign a number to your art - something that can feel hard to price
Empower you to feel good about charging your worth
Help you make more money in your business by applying the skills and principles





This guide DOES:

Let's start the conversation and apply your newfound knowledge to your business.




WARNING! reading this guide may result in:

Overcome the uncertainty you feel upon being asked what you charge.

no more email dread

More confidence on your part helps you attract dream clients.

booking awesome clients

Know how to create a value-packed offer that compensates you fairly.

growing your revenue

“This is the resource I was desperately searching for when starting out as a freelance photographer!”

- renee hahnel

Erin’s Pricing Guide is a resource every photographer needs to have in their arsenal. It’s jam-packed with current information relevant to the industry RIGHT NOW (not 10 years ago !!!) and is written by someone who has had firsthand success putting it into practice. This will undoubtedly be the best money you spend when setting up your freelance photography business!



“As a full-time photographer, the question of how to approach pricing has often been a struggle."

- donna irene

Erin's guide is there to remind you that this is something we all struggle with as creatives, and of the importance of knowing your worth and the value you bring to the table. She provides a space for reflection and asks the hard questions that we often put on the back burner. I especially loved the Companion Spreadsheet where you can write out a list of all of the costs and expenses that go into a project so you can feel confident in your pricing. I can't recommend it enough!