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The complete package for WHAT to charge, WHY to charge it, and HOW to communicate it to clients.

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Digital Guide to Pricing for Photographers full of helpful tools, strategies, tips, and formulas 
Digital Guide to Negotiation for Creatives covering negotiation strategies, tools, and real-life examples
Spreadsheet template for you to calculate your own project rates (both Excel & Google Sheets formats included)
Customizable Estimate Template designed for commercial photography jobs (both Excel & Google Sheets formats included)
Instructional how-to PDF with guidance on how to customize your spreadsheet & estimate templates

what you'll get –

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Not knowing what to charge can be a huge hurdle for creatives. And from there, you need to know how to communicate your rates, and how to advocate for yourself as a creative.

This bundle includes EVERYTHING I know about pricing and negotiation, from potential income streams, to calculating your rates, to sending commercial estimates, to my strategies for client communication and landing at an awesome WIN-WIN for you and your clients.

Make it easy for your clients to say YES.

some of what's inside

Personal examples, real client interactions, and actual emails I've sent to clients
Estimate template (the one I personally use)
How to price your day rate, prints, social media posts, and your time
Common licensing terms and what they mean
When & how to find a rep
Affirmations for the most common blocks around negotiation

How to ask how much money a client has to spend
My #1 piece of negotiation advice
How to educate your client
List of questions to have on-hand during negotiations
Clarifying phrases and questions to use every time you negotiate a project
Journal prompts along the way to help you reflect and apply your new skills to your business


This bundle does NOT:

Pricing and negotiation doesn't have to feel scary.

Give you exact numbers for what to charge
Share my exact rates, though I do share some scenarios from over the years
Give you a shortcut to success
Absorb into your brain by osmosis alone - it requires your participation :)

Go over important context for creating your rates
Help you assign a number to your art - something that can feel hard to price
Empower you to feel good about charging your worth
Help you make more money in your business by applying the skills and principles
Give you techniques you can implement in your business immediately
Teach you effective communication tools for negotiation
Provide phrases to use and exact  questions to ask your clients in negotiations
Show real-life examples






This bundle DOES:

Growing your competence and confidence in pricing and negotiation is something that comes with time and experience. I've put everything I know on these topics into this bundle to give you a foundation of knowledge that will help accelerate your business growth.





WARNING! this bundle may result in:

Look forward to sending your organized, professional estimates to your clients.

no more email dread

More confidence on your part helps you attract dream clients.

booking awesome clients

Know how to create a value-packed offer that compensates you fairly, and how to present it.

growing your revenue

“This is something I wish I had when I started out as a freelancer."

- priya matti

I know it says for “photographers,” but don’t let that stop an influencer/artist/creative like yourself make this purchase. There are PLENTY of lessons to be learned in this guide regardless of if you are a photographer or not. I particularly wish I comprehended the concept of “when to walk away” before I made my fair share of mistakes in the industry. I would get the Bundle, as both guides lend themselves to different life lessons and help you understand the process as a whole. 



“Erin's guides to negotiation and pricing are must-haves for any creative or entrepreneur.”

- ocean pleasant

She walked me through my first major deal with a huge national brand — if it weren’t for Erin, I would’ve left A LOT on the table. She distills years of industry experience, and troubleshoots every possible scenario a creative might face when valuing their work and securing the bag. Her templates and life hacks alone are invaluable, but it goes much deeper for me. Erin might just fine-tune your sense of self-worth in the process.


“Erin has spared no thoughts while compiling both the pricing and negotiation resources."

- Latasha Dunston

Each one is packed full of every scenario and circumstance that you may find yourself in during your creative entrepreneurial journey. I’m a full time illustrator, four years into my business. I thought that I knew everything I need to know from my experience thus far, but I found so much value in these resources. The journaling prompts, spreadsheets and equations were super helpful to me as someone who did not grow up in a financially literate family. The journal prompts specifically force you to get very clear in your vision and goals with your business. I highly recommend both resources to anyone with a creative career, that includes visual artists and even influencers!


“This is the resource I was desperately searching for when starting out as a freelance photographer!”

- renee hahnel

Erin’s Pricing Guide is a resource every photographer needs to have in their arsenal. It’s jam-packed with current information relevant to the industry RIGHT NOW (not 10 years ago !!!) and is written by someone who has had firsthand success putting it into practice. This will undoubtedly be the best money you spend when setting up your freelance photography business!


praise for the GUIDE TO PRICING

“This guide changed my perspective on negotiating, how I see myself, and my worth."

- silver feldman

Negotiation doesn't come easily for me. In fact, it's rather intimidating. After reading this, I implemented what I learned with a new client. It was the best negotiating experience I've ever had! We both won.

Erin's Guide to Negotiation has equipped me to negotiate more effectively, understand my internal blockers, and improve my relationships with my clients. This resource isn't simply a tool, it's a complete toolbox filled with tools that empower you to negotiate with confidence, kindness, and clarity. 


praise for the
guide to negotiation