Overall, I recommend using what you have first and upgrading once your gear is limiting you. The best camera is often the one you have available to you. But if you are looking to invest in a starter camera, I recommend the Sony a6000 or another camera in Sony’s a6000 line. I like this camera for beginners because it is a reliable 24-megapixel camera with many of the features I love about Sony. It shoots up to 11 frames per second and has a good AutoFocus system. This camera is a great one for getting comfortable using Sony products. Unless you know what type of lens you want specifically, I recommend getting this camera with the kit lens (the lens that comes with it), and adding to your kit once you know your preferences.


  • How did you get into photography?
    • My interest in photography started in high school when I took an introduction to photography class. I used my dad’s old Nikon F1 camera and spent a lot of time doing black and white film photography. I departed from my photography passion in my early 20’s, which I spent traveling and working in outdoor education. I picked up a camera again in 2015 and began working as a professional photographer in 2016.
  • What are your tips for someone who wants to get started with photography?
    • I compiled all my getting started thoughts in a blog post here! I also put together a list of my favorite classes at CreativeLive. Check them out here.
  • How do you become an adventure or travel photographer?
    • I put all my tips on pursuing a career in adventure and/or travel photography in a blog post here!
  • When/how did you join the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective?
    • The Alpha Collective is Sony’s ambassador program. I joined in March 2017 and have been working on various projects & trips with Sony since then. There is an application available online here.
  • How do you edit your images?
    • I edit my images using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I sometimes also use CaptureOne.
  • Do you lead photography workshops?
    • I teach workshops and lead adventure trips throughout the year. To stay updated, subscribe to my email list (on your right), or see current offerings here.

Please let me know if you have any photography related questions that I haven’t covered here by emailing me at info@erinoutdoors.com.

Feature photo by Renee Hahnel.