New Year, New Me, Except Not

Hey guys! Guess what! It’s 2015! And that means it’s YOU YEAR!

That’s what lots of companies, commercials, and promotions are telling me.

It’s YOU year, so you should start putting yourself first and doing most of the following: going to the gym, eating right, buying yourself nice things so you look great, getting a sexy new haircut, re-decorating your house, buying a new car.

Why wasn’t last year You Year?

WAIT A SECOND, IT WAS! And next year will be You Year too. AND the year after that.

Treating yourself well isn’t a thing that should happen just because it’s suddenly 2015, and because last week it wasn’t. Treating yourself well is something that should happen every day.

And the best part is, you have everything you need already. Deciding to be kinder to yourself, setting goals every day, celebrating small and big victories, eliminating negativity wherever possible and searching for positivity and growth are choices that only require YOU to make them.

Take a look at 2014. Was it good? Cool. How can you do more of that?

If 2014 was bad, ask yourself why. Be critical and constructive. Some things were in your control, and some things weren’t. What could you have done to make it better? How would someone you admire have handled the situation?

You can let this next year just happen to you, or you can make choices every day to work toward becoming the person you admire. Putting yourself first is not easy for everyone. For some, it’s a really difficult, really long journey. But it starts with small steps. Why not start right now?

Life is giving you lemons for You Year, every day. It’s your job to see the lemons and make something freaking delicious. I’m making lemon bars because I love them, but you should make whatever the hell you want.

Because it’s You Year. Every year.

this is a raspberry & rhubarb crostata, but you can definitely make it with lemons

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    April McEwen
    June 20, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    Um, you’re awesome. I’m loving your blogs – they help a lot in all different kinds of ways.

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    Dipjyoti Barman
    June 21, 2020 at 4:01 am

    Now I am reading your blog. Love it!

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