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Erin Sullivan


    2017 Gift Guide

    Somehow, the end of another year is here and so is another season of holiday gift giving. Whether you enjoy giving gifts or dread the holidays, I have some ideas for you! Here…


    Keep Going

    I woke up with this message on the tip of my tongue, but I don’t always wake up with something clear on my mind. Sometimes I don’t feel like trying, to be honest.…


    Two Weeks in Namibia

    Last month, I spent two weeks in Namibia. It all started because of this Facebook post: I met my friend Colby Brown at a Sony conference. Colby is a fellow photographer…


    Getting Started with Photography

    First, I want to tell you about how I got into this whole thing. In high school, I was a creative kid. I borrowed my dad’s old film camera to take an intro…


    How to Come Back to Reality after Traveling

    Welcome back. If you found yourself to this post, I’m gonna assume you’re struggling to get back into your everyday. So first, welcome back. And second, you’re not alone if you’re…